The Swimsuit Suite

Experience the beauty of modesty in our amazing hot sassy but classy swimsuits! Bold and colorful sexy but just enough to leave a little to the imagination. Majority of our collection are one and dones because we want you to have a little exclusive piece that's just unique to you hunnaayyy! 

Our TANKINI TOPS are perfect for those pool side gals who don't plan on playing too much in the water but want to fit the scene.Great for water park rides and more! Pair these tops with super cute pair of your distressed denim shorts or biker shorts or your own swim bottom and your ready to go! These are ideal for those who what to give the illusion of wearing a 2 piece but hide that tummy.

Check back weekly as we will be adding new designs regularly throughout summer to replace those that have sold as most all pieces will be one and dones!!